Compressport On/Off Multisport Shirt Short Sleeve

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Pleasant to wear, with a V-neck that allows no friction, this multi-sport shirt resumes comfort and freedom of movement in one compression garment.


  • A light spin control compression zone, woven directly in the fabric will keep you straight, align the shoulders throughout the effort.
  • 3D patches equip the shirtsleeves to compress targeted biceps and forearms. Fully ergonomic, they prevent shocks and vibrations.
  • No discomfort around the neck due to the V-neck.
  • The shirt repels moisture and evacuates sweat rapidly. Your shirt is not damp nor is it heavy with water.
  • With a first-layer sewing it protects you from cold and heat and has a “compression-massage-strengthening” function that prevents muscular oscillations and helps eliminate toxins and improve recovery.
  • 42,000 breathing alveoli open to let in the air you need to perform and close up to guarantee a high compression descent, this shirt ensures perfect muscle strength.
  • It regulates body temperature which neither falls nor rises.
  • An anti-bacterial fibre that wicks away bacteria and moisture.